Does your company have any legal or financial problem concerning its pension scheme, its pension fund or its pension insurance company? Then probably Mr. Bart Jan van Miltenburg can help out your company to solve these issues.

Mr. Van Miltenburg works in short order, personal and accurate.

Mr. Van Miltenburg also assists law attorneys and accountants who have complex questions about the pension schemes of their clients.

And finally, he helps private persons coping with their legal pension problems too.

He’s a completely independent consultant: he doesn’t mediate in any pensions or other financial products.

The five green buttons below the homepage in Dutch represent the kind of services Mr. Van Miltenburg offers his clients: legal pension advices and pension calculations. But also pension projects within mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), company pension policy and pension fund governance.

The explanatory notes of these pension services are in Dutch unfortunately. So don’t hesitate to mail or call Mr. Van Miltenburg (not bindingly).